Friday, January 9, 2015

Oh how I've missed the bright orange walls of Blogger

Hello everybody! I apologise for my inactiveness...not a word. Just became one, deal with it & yes, the walls of Blogger are actually white - I miss the Blogger logo I guess? But that doesn't sound as poetic as I'd like, now go dissect my title as you would a poem (so glad to be done with high school English) :P

Like the dude made out of rock formation (do you see him?), I have been ponderin' life too (this is at La Perouse by the way)

So what's been consuming me the past month has been anxiety concerning the future, results came back and I wasn't sure what to do with them. Eighteen year olds shouldn't be put in charge of four-year-long, fifty-thousand dollar decisions without certainty over job prospects or our own personal happiness after making such an investment. That being said, I settled for my interests over the paycheck and I'm a keen bean ready to start uni :)

I've also deleted a whole bunch of photos for the blog accidently (camera memory was full, dunno how I managed to wipe out all my photos, some were backed up, some weren't). The sun will come out soon and so will my camera.

The other half of my time was spent wisely between family (they call it a family tree because when you shake it, all the nuts fall out) and friends, at beaches and on the toilet seat (my water consumption has increased in proportion to my sodium intake).
Mugs like this are brilliant plant holders, well, make sure they're cacti or succulents because there's no draining hole

So I've realised I need a break from things every once in a while to process things and that's fine because I still enjoy doing what I do here. I have a good feeling for 2015!

I'm not making promises but my next post should be up on Sunday, come back anytime xo

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  1. Yaaas to the good feeling for 2015! Let's make it a great year :)


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