Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beautyheaven & Beautorium

Hi hey hello!

There's this cool beauty/lifestyle site on the internet called Beautyheaven and they hold an event called Beautorium around 2 times a year. By being a member on the site, you earn points from reviewing products, commenting, participating in the forum, sharing articles, etc. You also learn heaps along the way, the forum community there is v. awesome, people are so friendly :)

When you reach a certain level of points, you can participate in the Beautorium - you redeem your hard-earned points for some beauty products! All you need to pay is $4.95 shipping for 3 items and less or $9.95 if you redeem more than 3 items. Simple!

So without further adieu, I will share what I picked up this time round:

Top row:
  • WOTNOT Facial Wipes for oily and sensitive skin I tried a sample of these and they're lovely!
  • SkinB5 Acne Control Cleansing Mousse acne is nobody's friend
  • Skin B5 Acne Control Moisturiser acne is nobody's friend
  • Uriage Lait Demaquillant I felt like a little luxury so I went to French skincare ;)
  • Kosmea Replenishing Moisture Cream (a substitute product, I originally ordered the Kosmea Rescue Balm)
  • Kosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil this stuff is the bessst

Bottom row (freebies bh included):
  • Manicare Glameyes "Miranda" Lashes I can pull these off once I learn how to apply lashes, they look fairly natural!
  • Lady Jayne Digital Romance Hair Elastics cutecutecute
  • LAPURETÉ Okuru™ Resurrection Night Crème & the Okuru™ Mild Crème Facial Cleanser & Toner
  • Vagisil Feminine Wash sceptical about these, I saw their ad and they made it appear as if our natural vaginal odours are gross and should be cleansed away with product --> water is is enough. (However, if you detect a fishy smell, it could be a yeast infection and you should go get it checked out)

My balance before this haul was 2000+ points and the aftermath? 111 sad points, time to climb back up there!  So if you join, we can basically build our points together.

All that for $9.90? I'm pretty chuffed! Thank you bh & participating brands for the awesome opportunity to try these out! I can't wait to get reviewing, on first impressions, the SkinB5 products are great. Acne is the pits but it's okay because there are ways to manage + cure it.

Have a beautiful day!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hi, hey, hello

Well hello there, you beautiful soul!

My name's Jacqueline from Sydney, Australia, I'm turning 18 this year and I currently have my HSC mid-yearly exams. This blog was born out of procrastination and an urge to reserve the cool blog name idea I had. It will be about beauty and fashion because everyone's got a body to own and it comes with skin we get to decorate, yippeee! :)

I am a little busy at the moment so I'll actually begin at a later date when exams are over and I'm my normal self.

Look forward to great things because that's what will come!!

- Jacq-a line allows progress.
(Bright Eyes) 

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