Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What's in a wish - at 11:11 on 11/11

I don't believe that on the eleventh minute after every hour (because let's not forget timezones), if we wished hard enough, concentrated our brains hard enough on what we wanted, that it'll come true.
Or that if I blew until we went red on a dandelion seed head and all the seeds flew off, my wish will be granted.

But I wish on these things anyway. 

Because every new wish you add onto that list goes into the forefront of your brain and implants itself there, always guiding each action of yours towards it. In that way, wishes evolve into goals, if you wish hard enough - work hard enough, who's to say you can't achieve what you wished for? 

I do have a personal wishlist but to ease into things, I'll share my material wants which my personal goals ($$$) will help me buy. I decided to put it in a stocking because I love my socks, and in no way does it hint at what I expect this Christmas.

Starting from the bottom and working our way in a zigzag motion up we have:
Sometimes it feels as if all my oil glands gather under one/two roofs and have a party under my eyelids leaving me in the aftermath of an oil spill problem to which nothing non-polar adheres, no matter how crease-proof the eyeshadow. I hear this primer by NARS should prevent such an event from occurring.

$25.95 for blue liquid to smack onto those eyelids, I could buy 3 kebabs with that much. Though rad blue eyeliner would last longer...and a fun wing would make me feel super cool as opposed to kebab breath.
(Thank you to the ever fabulous Kat from Kitsch Snitch for sharing this! She makes YouTube videos and provides a blog post for most videos too - talk about dedicated!)

To whoever discovered blended frozen banana make wonderful ice-cream treats (yes-just frozen bananas on their own!), I tip my hat to you.
My mum buys boxes of fruit weekly which end up rotting so I'm glad we now have an excuse to freeze a box of bananas. Should I try blending frozen pawpaw and mangoes? They're the fruits my mum loves to buy in bulk. I'm gonna go bananas on my Yonanas yo! 

Big hair, mhm. There's lots of sea salt in it, which reminds me I still have 150mL of beach water from Coogee which I'm yet to turn into a sea salt texturising spray. Basically you filter out the sand, boil it to rid of the pathogens and pass it through microscopic membrane to kill the tough pathogens (jks we're not drinking it here) then add essential oil(s) of your own choosing to make it smell nice, spray into hair + crunch it a bit. Will it work? I will update you! 

5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Wardrobe
Hello pretty thing! I hate using powder as it clings to dry patches but this doesn't look like any old boring powder y'know? It's supposed to be ultra flattering and leave you ultra-glowy, especially under different lights.

6. Indeed Labs Hydraluron
I know we need to be patient with our skin but people have said they see a noticeable difference in their skin after the first/second application of a product so where can I find those miracle workers? I've never experienced that except for with rose hip oil.

Damn you skin, what will knock you out of your inertia? 
The answer must be exercise because an object at rest (skin being crap) stays at rest (still crap) unless a force (exercise) acts upon it. Physics explains so much of our world and yet it was my least favourite science subject because I'm self-absorbed and like learning about human body functioning and about chemistry which helps with product knowledge, here are a couple of nail polish remover tips:
  • Adding nail polish remover into old, gluggy nail polish is a death sentence.  Use nail polish thinners because that's what they're made for! 
  • You should always keep the lid of your nail polish remover on because acetone evaporates very quickly.
Wow, weird tangents!

I have a deluxe sized sample of the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and would like to see how this compares. Usually I don't feel like these make much difference to my skin but that's my commitment issues and not the product itself (I'll use that awesome Dermalogica one once a week despite it being a daily product), 
I promise to be more consistent and committed from now on because I have the most highly important responsibility of keeping my little corner of the internet alive with only genuine experiences of products.

So keep smiling every time you catch 11:11. Turn those wishes into ambitions.
(Bahahaha! You just read my rambly autobiography under the guise of a wishlist.)

What are you wishing for this fine day? Leave me a couple of products below, I'd love to check them out :)
Have you tried any of these products?

ALSO: let me know if my blog posts are too long, I probably won't cut them down but I'll add more paragraphs to create the illusion that I did. 


  1. HI Lovely! My wish is for Lush Gorgeous Moisturiser. It is simply divine! I think the info in your blog posts are great, perhaps a few more pictures?
    Renee x

    1. Hello! Oh I read the product description for it and it does sound lovely UNTIL MY EYES LANDED ON THE PRICE TAG!! $74.95 / 45g, I understand why it's on your wishlist now.

      Thank you for the feedback, I've taken it on board x

  2. Hey darlin' - welcome back to blogging! Delighted to read you again, and this is SO entertaining. Of course I expected no less from a wonderful word wizard like yourself ♥ Love your philosophy and love your list - hmmm, I'd better add that NARS base to mine, I have the same oily thingy going on ha ha. Surprisingly I don't have anything on my wishlist at the mo' (well not today at least) - I HAD the Shu Uemura eyelash curler in top spot, but I splurged last week and added it to my kit - it's amazing, even better than the S-curler, will review it soon. As for the blog, although I love your sock full of goodies, I'd love to see closeups of these things you're lusting after, but maybe you can take some micro-pics once the universe has answered your call, and landed them in your lap :-) Looking forward to the next post hon, oh please make it soon xxx

    1. HELLO GORGEOUS KATS!! This feels strange, reading your encouraging and entertaining comments xx

      My new post has an eye primer I recommend to you with no hesitation - are you using a primer now? Because the Etude House Primer will blow. you. away. I'm coming over for a visit (blog-wise, hehe).

      I'm planning on getting that eyelash curler soon actually! I'm fed up with my el cheapo Daiso one and eagerly await your review not that I need anymore encouragement :)

      I will definitely be taking my own photos and sharing them with you, thank you for your helpful words! Rock on x


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